Pressure Washing Wash Water Recycling

AZ Pro Cleaning Systems uses Landa industrial vacuum & WTT (Water Treatment Technology) systems for the recycling process.
This process is eco friendly and saves on water usage.
The first step begins with placing specialized suction drain covers over the drain(s) to prevent the water from flowing into the storm drains.
The second step is to vacuum the water using the Landa Vacuum System to pick up the water.
The water then goes into a 40 gallon metal drum.
The third step consists of a sump pump in the metal drum transferring the water to the 200 gallon WTT System.
The fourth step is when the water is filtered through five filters.
The first inlet pre-filter captures the larger debris and the other four filters used are 100 Micron to 50 Micro to 10 Micro and then to 5 Micro, with use of the coalescing plates, oil skimmer, reticulated media packs, and polypropylene filter bags and then renders an allowable water filtration standard for re-use. The fifth and final step is the filtered water pumped into holding tank to be re-used.