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Pressure Washing Services and More

From the smallest Residential jobs to the most extensive Commercial clean-up projects, Arizona Professional Cleaning Systems has the personnel and equipment to provide the best in service.

Here we present a small sample of the types of Pressure Washing tasks that we are routinely asked to do.
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We offer bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly recurring Pressure Wash & Window Services to fit your needs. Call for details and for special pricing.

Even if your task isn't listed, believe us, we've done it before!

  • Buildings & Exteriors
  • Dumpsters & dumpster areas
  • Parking decks & lots
  • Sidewalks & perimeter walks
  • Graffiti removal
  • Interior Restaurant Kitchen Equipment
  • Restroom interiors
  • Awning cleaning & maintenance package
  • Walls, fences & gates
  • Machinery
  • Professional Window Cleaning
indusrtial pressure washer
  • Pavers
  • Pool Decks & patios
  • Surface concrete cleaning
  • Roofs with membrane
  • Garages and driveways
  • Drive thru's
  • Interior Tile for restaurants
  • Oil & grease fills for restaurants
  • Rust & graffiti removal with acid wash
  • Water Recovery system available upon request
  • Acid Washing


Local Retail Restroom Tile Floor

comercial bathroom cleaning   comercial bathroom cleaning


Local Restaurant Grease Fill Area

Restauran grease cleaning   Restauran grease cleaning

graffiti removal

graffiti removal

graffiti removal
Trash Chutes and Trash Rooms cleaning process: State of the art Landa equipment utilizing high pressure, hot water (250 degrees F). Our process starts using high pressure to clean the chutes, then a professional strength chute cleaning solution of botanical bactericide and insecticide is applied liberally to the inside of the chute and doors. This solution contains fast acting surfactants for immediate results which melt the waste off the chute. It then leaves eco-friendly and health smart bacteria which remains in the chute digesting the waste and odor between regular cleanings. For your safety and the protection of the environment, we use only EPA registered, FDA approved, natural botanical solutions. Before leaving the site, we clean up any water and debris in the collection room which was the result of the cleaning process.

Trash Chutes cleaning.Trash Chutes cleaning
Trash Chutes cleaning

Some of Our Pressure Washing Vehicles

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indusrtial pressure washer
phoenix pressure washer

pressure washer services
pressure washer scottsdale az

power wash services
pressure washers

Please contact us with your requirements. Or feel free to call directly at our cell or office telephone numbers.

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